The solution Kris first found was through ad revenues. This enabled Casino Room World to sustain the growing costs it was bringing in. Servers, now being higher end, have turned expensive at the same time. There was also the domain costs, which, during that time, was also expensive.

Eventually, Karl, Kris’s older brother, came to the rescue. He worked at a pro ad revenue service agency, and as it turned out, they were planning to roll out an experimental feature. Karl suggested that Kris use their site as a test case for this new feature.

Roaming AI

The new ad revenue feature had a roaming AI that would allow visitors to find information that immediately related to them. This included advertisements on popular online casino operators at the time. This proved to be one of the features that would ensure the site’s future.

Online casino operators were not remiss in noting that site traffic to their sites had grown. Upon tracing traffic origins, they stumbled upon Casino Room World.

Gaspar Grosskopf

Gaspar Grosskopf owned a popular chain of online casino sites. He offered to affiliate Casino Room World and make it a part of the online casino group’s growing family. At first, the three founders were hesitant. They doubted if they could keep their neutrality once they had come under Grosskopf’s group.

But Grosskopf eased their worries. In truth, he wanted Casino Room World to maintain its neutrality. He would leave it to the group to be the judge. They could recommend Grosskopf’s group of operations of their own free will. Likewise, if they found something to criticize on the online casinos, they were free to do so on their site. For homepage click here.


This encouraged Kris, Stuart, and Cassie to continue their work. By the next year, they had unveiled version 5 of Casino Room World. They no longer had to rely on Cassie to take care of the site management. Now, they had enough means to hire the services of a professional webmaster.

By the middle of 2006, the three were able to collect enough money to create a small office. Now, Casino Room World was beginning to turn official. Over the next few weeks, they would begin hiring office staff. Stuart took care of the hiring for writers, while Kris set up a financial department. Cassie took care of the technical department. Along with her to help out is Shane Summers, their webmaster.


In a month’s span, Casino Room World had expanded from a group of four to a company employing 40 people. Kris, Cassie, and Stuart had risen from being the main responsible parties to the overseeing parties.

Fast forward to 15 years, and here we are. Casino Room World remains the web’s largest resource for all things to do with casinos. We hold the largest record of online and offline casino reviews in existence today. Not only that, but we also have the most in depth casino strategy guides, courtesy of Stuart and his team.

Book Releases

Casino Room World has recently signed a contract with Igloo Bear Publications. The deal will see the publisher hold exclusive rights to publish Casino Room World’s book releases. This includes the newly published Casino Room World’s Ultimate Guide to High Rolling Casinos and the classic How to Survive a Long Game and Live to Tell the Tale. Also upcoming from the publisher is Casino Room World: The Road to Success. This is the official account of Casino Room World’s history, straight from the pens of its three founders.

Expect a release party for the new book to be announced soon. We shall be eagerly awaiting your presence.