Casino Room World came about as a project that Stuart proposed to their little after class gathering. At the time, there were little to no available sites where one could look up casino information. One still had to rely on books teaching casino basics to learn more about them. But most importantly, Stuart realized that there were virtually no books teaching or reviewing about online casinos.

The other two mulled over this idea. Kris believed there was some serious potential to Stuart’s proposal. They could make use of ad revenues to help fund the site. Though Kris knew that this would be a hard road from the very beginning.


Kris came from a well to do family, and offered to help fund the enterprise. At the start, there was much that needed to be done. Most of the expenses came out of his pocket. To save up on funds, Stuart and Cassie moved to Kris’s spacious apartment complex. Kris told them that the complex was owned by the family. And Kris’s apartment had enough space for all three of them to live together.

Cassie volunteered to take care of site design, programming, and maintenance. She had taken a web development course before shifting to liberal arts. Her help proved essential during the first few years. Cassie’s early designs were rudimentary, but this soon improved. By the time version 2 of the site rolled out, she had managed to build a proper site infrastructure. For more information, click here.

Populated online bulletin

As soon as the site went live, Kris populated online bulletin boards and chat groups to spread the news. Almost overnight, Casino Room World gained unique hits.

Most of the content during those days were basic how to tutorials written collectively by Kris, Cassie, and Stuart. Further in depth strategy guides were created by Stuart and edited by Kris.

The tutorials and guides proved to be hugely popular among the visitors. Unique visits to the site skyrocketed. By the weekend, site traffic had grown so much that the servers were overloaded.

Move to the site

Kris decided to move the site to more reliable and professional servers. For a time he also thought of converting Casino Room World to a paid, members only site. But he feared the subsequent loss of visits it could create. After all, good things were more popular if they were (mostly) free.